National Level

SADD National Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Council (SLC) 

This leadership council plays a major role in the nationwide success of SADD. Student members work directly with the national staff on new and continuing projects, while maintaining active leadership roles within their own local chapters. Members of the council are often called upon to travel to conferences, media events and task force meetings to represent the national organization. Without exception, the members of the SLC and CAC are accomplished individuals who have demonstrated their commitment by reaching out to peers, friends, and younger students through SADD and other peer-support programs. Members are individuals who exemplify the SADD model of empowerment and caregiving through involvement in community service, especially in projects relating to substance abuse prevention, traffic safety, and personal health and safety.

In addition to establishing national representation for SADD, their goals include creating a system of grassroots communication to supply information to new and existing chapters and making recommendations to the SADD National Board of Directors for priorities and issues. Members are actively involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating the annual SADD National Conference and have the opportunity to present workshops at the conference.

SLC members and the National President serve one-year terms and are chosen through a competitive application process. Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are now open. To learn more about these opportunites or apply, click here.

2021 National President Application

2021 SLC Application

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